Legendary highlife artiste Amandzeba is not fit to be VGMA board chairman – Sally Mann

Entertainment pundit Sally Mann is urging the organizers of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) to reconsider the appointment of highlife icon Amandzeba as the chairman.

The controversial entertainment pundit argues that Amandzeba’s outdated approach to honoring fellow legends is cause for concern and calls for a more progressive and dignified recognition of his contributions to the industry.

Expressing her disappointment on Power Entertainment show on Powerfm and Tv xyz, Mann emphasized  that while Amandzeba’s intention to honor his fellow legends is commendable, the manner in which he carries out this task does not align with modern approach. In her view, the VGMA should evolve its approach to bestowing accolades, ensuring that they are bestowed in a manner that befits the status and significance of the recipient.

Mann suggests that Amandzeba himself should reflect on the potential outcome of such archaic methods when his turn comes to be honored. She questions whether he would appreciate being awarded in the same outdated fashion as those who have gone before him. She contends that as a legend, Amandzeba deserves to be celebrated in a more sophisticated and meaningful manner.

In addition to her critique of Amandzeba’s approach to awarding fellow artists, Mann questions his suitability for the chairman position. She asserts that a chairman should bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table, rather than relying on outdated mindsets and practices. She also believes that a dynamic and forward-thinking leader would infuse the celebration with a renewed vibrancy and energy, thereby enhancing the overall experience for both artists and audiences alike.

Watch the video below; 


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana







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