Edem calls on Government to allocate portion of IMF fund for promoting Ghanaian music

Ghanaian recording artist Edem has appealed to the government to give priority to the creative industry by allocating a portion of the recently acquired IMF loan specifically for the promotion of Ghanaian music.

The artist highlighted the vast talent pool in Ghana, encompassing genres such as reggae, dancehall, and hip-life, emphasizing the crucial need for resources to unleash their creative potential.

Edem raised the question, stating, “The talent in Ghana is abundant, be it reggae, dancehall, hip-life. If you look at boxing or football, the talent is also abundant, but the issue lies with the availability of resources. Therefore, I believe that as the loan comes in, the government should act promptly. What are your thoughts?”

He stressed that while artists bring their creativity to the table, without effective marketing and publicity, their work goes unnoticed. He pointed out that many talented artists in Ghana struggle to reach their full potential due to limited resources.

Edem explained, “People may bring out their inner talents and create whatever they want, but if it is not marketed, people will not experience it. There are numerous artists in the country who have produced classic albums and possess immense talent. However, without proper marketing and publicity, the artistic value of their work remains unseen.”

He further expressed that the challenge lies in a deficit of marketing and public relations, primarily due to limited resources. Nevertheless, he reiterated that Ghana is brimming with exceptional talent and potential.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana



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