Nicholas Cobbinah: See performance of Free SHS student who insulted Akufo-Addo

The final year student who insulted Nana Addo a few months ago created a huge online stir as Ghanaians asked his results to be released.

People have already begun to politicize the young boy’s findings as they say that his threat to Nana Addo is a potential excuse for him to fail. Many people on social media have also responded massively to the new trend.

As we all know, Nicholas Cobbinah, who was a final year student at Sekondi College got himself into trouble and this was a situation that no one would like to be in because of the burden put on him by Ghanaians.

The comments made a few months ago by young school children or students were trendy as well as used to attack the president by certain parties.

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The student just made a childish error, but that has little to do with politics. A video of the young boy reviewing his results yesterday alongside other colleagues popped up online after WAEC had released the results.

The much-expected outcomes of the young boy as people believed that he would not do well were proved incorrect by the students. During the test, the young boy did his best and passed the exam according to his effort.

Although there are a few trolls from social media users here and there and a dare for him to share the results, he has ignored them all but announced that he did well.

People praised him and showed a huge reaction towards the young boy’s great achievement.

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