Don’t play my old songs – Rapper E.L to DJs

Elom Adablah, known by his stage name as E.L has asked Ghanaian DJs to stop playing his old songs and rather focus on his new songs as he is now on a different level.

In a video shared on Nkonkonsa’s Instagram page, E.L warned DJs to cease playing his old tracks owning to the fact that, he doesn’t want to relate to his old projects.

The rapper also admonished DJs to desist from tagging any of his social media social, if it has to do with his old songs. The focus he stated should be on the promotion of his new projects.

“I am now the new E.L This is different, I am on some different level so if you don’t relate to me, you don’t understand it, doesn’t play my music and doesn’t expect me to engage with you and don’t come to my concert,” he said.

“I have DJs who play my song, they know my style, my flex, my vibe, they know and they are the ones who are going to be playing my music. The rest don’t play my music, don’t play my old songs and expect me to be retweeting it when you tweet at me,” he added.

The composer and rapper who has seen better days and still living the dream have added that individuals who pay more attention to the radio should stay away from his concerts.

“I don’t like nostalgic people who are living in the past, you cant graduate, you can’t move forward, radio radio radio. When you listen to the radio too much, don’t come to my concert please, don’t come to my concert.”

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