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Richard Commey snubs football for boxing

Former IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey’s surprising past as a footballer in Ghana has recently come to light. The renowned boxer, who held the IBF lightweight title in 2019, initially began his sporting journey on the football field.

This revelation was shared by Daniel Ablorh Sowah, the CEO of Silver Black Promotions, a prominent boxing promoting and management agency in Accra. During an interview with Roger Yeboah on X Sports, Sowah disclosed that Richard Commey had a notable career as a soccer player before transitioning to boxing, where he achieved great success.

Sowah emphasized that Commey’s background demonstrates the untapped potential for boxing in Ghana. Many talented individuals who possess boxing skills may have gone unnoticed because they gravitated towards football without exploring the opportunities boxing presents.

Expressing his concern, Sowah stated, “Numerous talents remain confined to football, unable to showcase their innate abilities and fulfill their true potential.” He added, “Richard Commey’s journey from football to boxing is a perfect example. Despite facing setbacks in football, he switched to boxing and is now enjoying considerable success and financial rewards.”

Sowah encouraged sports journalists to give equal attention to boxing and other sporting disciplines, ensuring the creation of opportunities for the growth and development of all sporting talents in Ghana. He urged them to strike a balance in their coverage, promoting diverse sports to foster the overall advancement of the country.

Richard Commey’s impressive career includes holding various regional lightweight titles such as the Ghanaian title in 2011, the ABU title in 2013, and the Commonwealth title from 2014 to 2015. His journey from footballer to world champion serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across different sports disciplines in Ghana

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