Working in the Cloud With Fusion 360 and Prodsmart

Emily Suzuki
Emily Suzuki May 9, 2023 2 min read

See how Fusion 360 and Prodsmart enable designers, engineers, and manufacturers to collaborate and track analytics in real time.

Designing a world-class product from concept to reality is a long road. It has many inevitable stops, detours, and backtracks along the way. Several key milestones include initial conceptualization, design, prototyping, simulation, fabrication, and manufacturing. Each stage also has many sub-phases. For example, the manufacturing stage consists of a documentation phase, a collaboration phase between the manufacturing/production team and the engineering team, and the design’s physical manifestation.

Autodesk Fusion 360 and Prodsmart are cloud-based tools that seamlessly work together to enable every stage of the product development process with a mindful focus on collaboration and data integrity.

Fusion 360: 3D modeling software for all


Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB tool for professional product development and manufacturing. Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, and machinists can leverage its multi-disciplinary suite of tools. It enables teams to quickly and efficiently generate designs, iterate on them and eventually create best-in-class products.  

A hallmark feature of Fusion 360 is its all-in-one nature. Simply switch workspaces to move a design from 3D model to electro-mechanical integration, CAM processing, etc. Fusion 360 doesn’t require any file format, system, or tool change when switching between workspaces. When a design is ready, Fusion 360 generates machining files suitable for mass production, along with bills of materials, supply chain management, and engineering documentation.

Additionally, Fusion 360 is the only browser-based tool that can satisfy these needs at an affordable price point and low barrier to entry.

Prodsmart: achieving a digitalized shop floor

To complement the design-to-manufacturing workflow offered by Fusion 360, Prodsmart steps in to enhance the production process. It enables a modern, cloud-connected shop floor. Prodsmart provides actionable dashboards for enhancing efficiency and reducing waste. It integrates the data gathered during the development process with real-time and historical data from machines, operators, and supply chain stakeholders. Prodsmart is also readily deployed to mobile devices for widespread utilization by every key player in the manufacturing stage.

Prodsmart being cloud-based, combined with its intuitive dashboards and reports, allows manufacturers to maximize productivity by connecting their organization with digital scheduling, production, and quality tracking in a single environment.

The Cloud: where it all lives

The connectivity between Fusion 360 and Prodsmart is all thanks to the cloud. User management, data integrity, remote versioning, historical tracking, geographic and cross-platform collaboration, and interoperability across different engineering disciplines are just a few benefits these tools offer. Zooming out, features like the ones just described ultimately create an environment for lower overhead, error reduction, and reduced redundancy.  

The days of fragmented product development are well behind us. Fusion 360 and Prodsmart provide every tool needed to take a product from napkin sketch to mass production. With both Prodsmart and Fusion 360, designers and manufacturers are truly able to maximize their capabilities while staying focused on what they do best. The results are products of the highest quality, made with incredible speed and efficiency.

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