Fusion 360 Community Spotlight – April 2023 

Annaka Ketterer April 7, 2023 3 min read

Welcome to the first edition of the Fusion 360 Community Spotlight. In this series, we’ll highlight amazing projects, customer stories, conversations, and events happening throughout the global Fusion 360 community. Let’s get started!

Social Media Highlights

From satisfying process videos to Fusion 360 tutorials to building housing for a friendly neighborhood frog, we love seeing what you’ve all been up to on social. Here are some of our favorite recent posts: 


The Full Frod Story! It’s been a crazy journey from 0 to 60k people of Frodrick! Appreciate your ideas and support☺️ #Frodrick #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #FrodHouse

♬ Enemy feat. J.I.D. (from the series Arcane League of Legends) – Imagine Dragons

Customer Spotlight

Your creativity and hard work never cease to amaze us. Bionic arms for children, creative solutions to combat single-use plastics, modernizing the mold-making process — what hasn’t our community been involved in? Check out just a few of our favorite community stories below.

Princess by Day, Superhero by Night: Limbitless Solutions Empowers Kids With Custom Bionic Arms

See how Limbitless Solutions is transforming what bionics for children will look like in the future with the help of Autodesk Fusion 360.

PulPac Paves the Way for a Plastic-Free Revolution With Autodesk 

Founded in 2018, PulPac is on a mission to replace single-use plastics globally. By pioneering dry fiber molding technology, PulPac’s customers can replace single-use plastics with a sustainable and cost-competitive alternative. PulPac expanded its digital capabilities through Autodesk’s Product Design & Manufacturing (PDMC) Collection and Fusion 360 to power further innovation and access higher-value projects. 

Read the full story here.

ZETTERER Undergoes a Digital Transformation With Fusion 360 

For 55 years, ZETTERER has covered the complete spectrum of modern mold-making. From the smallest mold you could imagine to molds that can hold 10 tons, ZETTERER is the industry expert in creating injection and die-cast molds. To reach maximum efficiency for its Germany and Romania locations, ZETTERER recently focused on undergoing cloud-based digitalization with Fusion 360 at the center of its digital transformation. 

See how the expert mold makers at ZETTERER leverage the Fusion 360 Machining Extension to create advanced injection and die-cast molds

Community Conversations:

We love seeing our community rally to help others on the Fusion 360 forums. Yes, we’ve been lurking! We truly enjoy watching you workshop different approaches together. taken note of the creative solutions you’ve shared and have enjoyed watching you workshop different approaches to common problems on a daily basis throughout the forums. Here are some of our favorite posts from this March:

Fillet help – Fillet only part of a face 

Undercut with a slot milling tool 

How can I change my live tooling S code?

Upcoming Fusion 360 Community Events

Live with the Experts: What’s New in the April 2023 Release 

Join us for this exclusive 60-minute live event with Fusion 360 experts, where we’ll cover the latest and greatest features from all workspaces.

During this webinar, we’ll also dive into improvements around flexibility, control, and programming efficiency, show off some tips & tricks and open up the floor for LIVE Q&A.

We have 2 sessions running on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 for you to choose from, both identical in content, just at separate times. Click the links below to sign up. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Register for 10:30am UK | 11:30am CEST | 3:00pm IST 

Register for 9am PDT | 12pm EST | 5pm UK 

Become a Fusion 360 Insider

Want to engage more with the Autodesk community and test out the latest build one month before it’s released to the general public? Check out the Fusion 360 Insider program!

And that’s a wrap for this Fusion 360 Community Spotlight. Keep an eye out on our blog for more to come. In the meantime, happy modeling!

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