Why Nigeria music is breaking borders unlike Ghana – Baba Sadiq reveals

Former 3music boss Baba Sadiq has pinpointed the only obstacle hindering music from Ghana to cross borders.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV’s weekend entertainment show, Showtyme with Andy Dostythe entertainment specialist said Ghanaian musicians lack investment.

“It is an investment. It is money that can unlock machinery. Songs don’t move on their own nowadays, it’s engineered, and you will need resources and a mindset switch.”

According to him, Nigerian musicians who are performing on international platforms have “plugs” and music labels putting them on.

He said most Ghanaian musicians need music distribution labels to network their songs on various digital streaming platforms.

“People think songs can fly on their own. We have had a few examples where people put it out to blow and people think it’s always like that. That’s why in more matured markets, labels have marketing, ANR department who research song features and even producers. So it’s a whole machinery.”

He said most musicians in the US are successful because major labels do all the groundwork for them.

“That’s why in the US if any major label picks you, it’s only God that will stop you because they will use your product, and automatically it blows you. And they use a lot of money. Of all the music in the world, three companies own them. They are called mega labels and there are imprints like Universal, Sony and Warner, if they sign a Nigerian act, automatically they create a resonating effect globally,” he submitted.

In his final submission, Sadiq said “Ghana does not have a problem. It’s the investment. Either we do it on our own or wait for manna from heaven.”





Source: Adomonline

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