“Despite My best efforts to showcase Ghana, negativity continues to steal the spotlight”- Efya laments

Ghanaian songstress, Efya, expresses disappointment in the prevalent culture of focusing on negative news in the country.

In a conversation with Berla Mundi, she opens up about her sadness and frustration, revealing that Ghanaians have been unfair by predominantly highlighting the negative aspects of her life, despite her tireless efforts to promote Ghana globally.

“I find it truly disheartening because I invest a lot of hard work to elevate Ghana’s reputation. Yet, it seems that everyone is fixated on the negative rumors they hear about me, choosing to believe those instead of acknowledging my record-breaking achievements as the first female artist. My accomplishments remain unparalleled,” she explains.

The talented vocalist highlights the disproportionate attention given to negative news compared to the celebration of positive accomplishments. She emphasizes the necessity of redirecting the energy expended on negative stories towards showcasing the positive developments in the Ghanaian music industry.

“Imagine if we devoted the same amount of energy to positive news. It would create a much-needed balance. However, it appears that people are more attracted to negativity. I suppose it’s human nature. But I firmly believe that if we collectively put more effort into focusing on the positive aspects of any situation, even when someone faces challenges, we would all experience greater happiness, irrespective of their career or personal life,” Efya reveals.

Despite feeling discouraged at times, Efya takes the opportunity to highlight her achievements as the first female artist to break records and organize the groundbreaking Afrobeat festival in Sanya, collaborating with artists from Ghana and Nigeria.

However, she candidly admits that the constant overshadowing of her hard work and positive contributions by baseless gossip often leaves her dispirited.

“If people are going to continue distorting the truth, why should I persevere? But no, do you understand?” she questions, expressing her frustration.




By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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