Increasing transport fares by 30% will collapse our businesses – GPRTU makes U-turn

The Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU) of TUC has lamented the incessant fuel hikes in the country and has asked the government to shore up the Cedi to prevent further price jump.

The price of petroleum products has been steadily moving up frequently since the beginning of the year, affecting the businesses of transport operators.

Petrol and Diesel prices are likely to hit the GHS 8 mark soon, but the driver unions believe the taxes are too much on the price build-up and have thereby called for the scrapping of some of the levies.

The PRO for GPRTU, Abass Moro, said despite the incessant fuel hikes, the driver unions cannot push for a 30% transport fare increment as they had earlier suggested because they have realised their sales are dwindling following the announcement of new transport fares.

After a meeting with the Transport Minister and some government officials, the unions rejected a suggestion that they increase the fare by 10%. However, Moro is of the view that they could not agree on that but had to settle at 15%.

Asked if they had not disappointed their members who have been pushing for a much higher percentage, Abass Moro who was speaking on Dwaboase on TV XYZ indicated that “we couldn’t have taken an entrenched position.”

“Do you want us to go for a higher increment so the business slows down or do you want us to be reasonable with our increment to allow Ghanaians some breathing space to be able to patronise our services?” he quizzed.

He added, although there wasn’t a thorough discussion with members on the 15% increment in fares, they had to “rather be reasonable” so their businesses will not collapse.

The transport operators in the country have agreed to adjust fares by 15 per cent, beginning Saturday, February 26, 2022.

The GPRTU has urged Ghanaians to cooperate with them.



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