Drugs have destroyed your beautiful soul – Blakk Rasta to Efya

Blakk Rasta has been quick to respond to singer Efya, who in an interview claimed to not have known who he was.

“Who is that? He’s a rapper; he’s a what?…he’s a radio journalist?… But journalists say what they want they don’t care. I don’t think I know who he is. What does he do, radio?” Efya asked in an interview on GhOne TV.

Not only did Efya shock many with her comment, but she also had a message for the reggae musician who recently ridiculed rapper Sarkodie on his radio show.

Her clapback at Blakk, who doubles as a preacher, has attracted his wrath.

In a tweet sighted by GhanaWeb on February 1, he wrote: “Sad what drugs can do to a beautiful soul. Be delivered and healed, in JESUS name!” in reaction to the viral video of Efya.

According to Blakk, Sarkodie‘s performance on the remake of Bob Marley’s love song titled ‘Stir It Up’ was nothing to write home about, adding that Bob will be disappointed in his grave.

“What Sarkodie did was nothing but a desecration of the legacy of Bob Marley. It is so shameful, what Sarkodie did is nothing but a desecration of the holy music…should I go deeper? It is like a king has been buried and you go and dig him up, and steal the gold and diamonds that he’s been buried with,” these were Blakk’s statements on his show, Urban Blend.

Efya who has worked with Sarkodie on several hit songs was displeased about Blakk’s harsh comment and had a message for him.

Her statement has attracted the wrath of Blakk Rasta.

“Your opinion right now Mr Blakk does not matter. The thing is, the boy has done something and it’s historic, be grateful and let’s honour our people. Let’s be happy for our people, you saying this, what does it do to it? Are they gonna go back to production and make the music what you want?…what level has he gotten to criticize the song?” she quizzed.

Source: Ghanaweb

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